Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Don't Get No Phillier: Sandman writer D. Shanks sits down for an in-depth chat with Philly resident and Re-Up Gang member Sandman to discuss Clipse new deal with Rick Rubin and co., the streets of Philadelphia, why he thought he was signing to Star Trak and much more.

Sandman on what he's looking for from the new Clipse deal: "Sandman is either looking for a label deal or a buy out."

D. Shanks: Aiight my dude, what’s good?

Sandman: Everything’s great. Cannons Inc. is great! Re-up Gang Records is great! Re-up Gang is great! We chillin.

D.Shanks: Ok. Now I’m familiar with you but for those who might not be give yourself a brief introduction and let dudes know your origins in the game.

Sandman: Ok, I’m Sandman a.k.a. SandCannon. Philly’s finest your highness. I was discovered by Clark Kent in 2000. You know…a dude that discovered two of the most prominent dudes in the game (B.I.G. and Jay Z). So that had its own pressure in itself but we handled that, recorded a classic album and I got signed to Interscope in 2001 by Steve Stoute off of 4 songs with no mixtape or anything of the sort. Stoute got fired as the President of Black Music (at Interscope) and I just hit the streets hard. Then in 2004, Pusha T (of the Clipse) saw Clark Kent on Rap City and the host said to him “last time you were up here you said BIG and Jay, give us another name” and Clark said “Sandman from Philly”. So the nigga Pusha started reaching out to dudes who knew me. Of course, Rosco P. Coldchain, he’s from Philly. Ab Liva, he’s from Philly…between them two dudes and he ended up hollering at Clark in Miami about me, that’s how we made the connect. Initially, I was kind of skeptical cause when I heard that the Clipse was looking for me I automatically thought about Pharrell. So I go up to take the meeting, Pusha got 4 of my CDs in his hand. Cannons Inc. presents…he had The Heatwave, The Movement, he got the work. So long story short, he invited me up to NY and him Pharrell and Rob Walker were there and Pharrell was doing all the talking like “yea Pusha trying to start up Re-Up Records", bla bla bla. I’m like (to myself) ‘Re-Up Records? What the hell is that?’ You’re gonna do that to anything that’s brand new to you. Stepping into that building, before that day, I had never heard of that.


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