Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sandman - Re-Up Time

by Jon Michael

Say what you want about the Re-Up Gang but I guarantee that you won’t find a more lyrical group in all of hip-hop. The group comprised of the Clipse, Ab-Liva, and of course the Sandman have a cult-like following that stretches way past the United States.

Sandman, along with being one fourth of the popular group is a legend in the Philly hip-hop scene. He has a history in hip-hop that would surprise most from being the first artist signed to Interscope after the death of Tupac to his near signing with Rocafella Records.

Known as a lyrical beast he has been compared to such greats as Jay-Z and Biggie. It’s not all about him though as he has put out several artists through his own company Cannons Inc. caught up with Sandman to discuss the Clipses’ deal with Columbia, working with hip-hop legend Clark Kent, and what we can expect in the future.

You’re from Philly, which has always been a big city for hip-hop. How did you get into it?

I’m from Uptown Philadelphia. That’s my part of town. I was the shit since I was 9. I got introduced to hip-hop through my mother. I’d be doing my Saturday morning chores and my mom would be listening to Melle Mel, you know, 'White Lines'.

All the exclusive records were on my living room floor. I seen the Anita Baker and all that but there just more hip-hop records in my household. I was a break dancing ass nigga. I grew up on Beat Street and Krush Groove. Hip-hop had always been my life as far back as I could remember. I was always a fly kid. My parents were fly and my uncles were hustlers so the shit was always around me pretty much. I started fuckin’ niggas up in the schoolyard and the lunchroom battling. I started poppin’ up in the clubs out here like Fever and Gotham and my name just started to get reputable.


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