Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here? This is what the WORLD has been waiting for the Anchor of the Re-Up Gang, Sandman has released his highly anticipated album "GIANORMOUS" for free download.

If you are a fan of real hip-hop music this 21-track album is an all time classic. Go HERE to download the new album.

Keep checking www.YeahhhCannons.com for exclusive footage and music from the Re-up Gang and Sandman's own label Cannons.Inc.



Anonymous said...

COngrats my dude!

Dione said...

Day, I'm sooo proud of you! I knew you would make it. Congratulations and good luck:)

Dope And Steps Ahead said...

Sandman am feeling your tracks man,,,
keep doin ur thang...
wanted u to know u have fans here in africa....u and the whole re-up !!

Anonymous said...

Feeling the great work.
Keep Killin'em Anchor

Dope And Steps Ahead said...

Damn really took my time to listen to the mixtape n killed it!!!
posted as much stuff i could get from u on my blog !! holla


hecta g. said...

whats good sandman.
i live out here in delano, cali. i've been a fan of your music for awhile. you got that street gutta musik that i love. that 'anchor' joint is bangin. peace out fam.

Marcus said...

Sandman, ha!!! You did you thingamajig big homie. That "Whole Pie" track got that crazy West Coast flip to it. Fucks with Anchor real heavy my dude. I wanna do one of your tracks homie...Video production of course. Holla at ya dude.

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